Division organization

Laboratory for Information Systems

Leader: Dragan Gamberger, PhD

  • Novel machine learning and knowledge discovery algorithms and methods;
  • Soft computing and modelling;
  • Coupling machine learning, optimization and decision making;
  • Knowledge acquisition, representation and management; 
  • Distributed computing and measurement systems.

Laboratory for Stochastic Signal Processes

Leader: Branka Medved Rogina, PhD

  • Investigation and optimization of procedures for the generation, measurement and processing of ultra wide-band pulse signals in measurement, communication and telemetry systems;
  • Improvement of methods for processing and compressing huge data structures in computational linguistics and bioinformatics;
  • Optimization of methods for analysis of time series applying theory of stochastic processes, chaotic and fractal signals and nonlinear dynamics.

Group for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Leader: Tomislav Šmuc, PhD

  • Machine learning methods in solving different problems in bioinformatics and computational biology
  • Knowledge discovery techniques in genomics
  • Knowledge discovery techniques for structure - biological activity relationships for novel compounds
  • Application of machine learning methods for the analysis of experimental data in proteomics