Ongoing research programs/projects

Long term MSES research programme:


Projects within the programme:


Bilateral projects

  • Inteligent Data Anlysis in medical domain (D. Gamberger)
  • Hungary

Past projects


HEARTFAID - A Knowledge based platform of services for supporting medical - clinical management of heart failure within elderly population (FP6-STREP-No 027107 )

    Coordinator: Universita Della Calabria (DEIS)
    Partners: UNICZ-Italy, UNIMIB-Italy, JUMC-Poland, VMWS-United Kingdom, FORTHnet-Greece, SYNAPSIS-Italy, CNR-Italy, FORTH-Greece, RBI-Croatia, AUXOL-Italy
    Duration: 01/02/2006-31/01/2009

Bilateral project (Croatia-Slovenia) - Intelligent Data Analysis, with KT Department, Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana (2007-).

Bilateral project (Croatia-Slovenia) - Inductive Databases in Genomics and Proteomics, with KT Department, Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana (2007-).

NATO Security Through Science: Advanced Data- and Knowledge-Driven Methods for State Failure Risk Assessment. (2004-2006)

LIS  - Membership in KDnet - Knowledge Discovery NETwork (European netowork of excellence)


Information technology projects, funded by the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports

  • REVIGO: Web aplication for intelligent reduction and visualization of Gene Ontology categories (PI: Fran Supek)
  • GORBI: Web application for prediction of protein functional context (PI: Nives Škunca)
  • GMDH algorithms for WEKA, machine learning application (PI: Ivan Ivek)
  • International standards for flow measurement - active network objects (PI: Ivan Marić, PhD)
  • Information portal for the epidemiological study of arterial hypertension in Croatia (PI: Tomislav Šmuc, PhD)
  • PARF - Parallel Random Forest algorithm (in collaboration with CIR - IRB) (2004-2005)

Technology projects

Project financed by "Rudjer Innovations" and World Bank

- Quantum Random Bit Generator”, (dr. B. Medved Rogina, project leader dr. Mario Stipčević)

-World Bank project "Quantum Random Bit Generator for applications in cryptography, Monte Carlo simulations and research" (funded by the World Bank, Technology Assistance program TAL-2, 2004-2005)

Technology projects financed by Croatian Ministry of Science and Technology

- Collaboration (LIS) on CRO-GRID/Applications (PI dr. K. Skala) (2004-2006)